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Violence In The Emergency Dept. is a Known & Growing Issue

7 out of 10 emergency physicians say emergency department violence is increasing and half have been physically assaulted at work. Not only does violence harm patient care, it is costly to hospitals. 

Sollievo Wants to Reduce Emergency Room Injuries When Treating Violent and Aggressive Patients

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The Problem

One of the main sources of Emergency Department violence is patients diagnosed with acute agitation and aggression, which accounts for more than seven million emergency room visits. Common causes include alcohol and drug use, mental illness, and dementia.

When these patients demonstrate violent behavior, it not only harms care providers, it also harms them,  and the care for other patients in the emergency department suffers.  The underlying cause of their agitation and aggression cannot be diagnosed until they are calm. When trying to sedate these patients, minutes matter.

Current Treatment Options are Unpredictable or Slow

The two most common benzodiazepine treatments for emergency sedation today are intramuscular injection of  midazolam or lorazepam. .Midazolam is considered a fast-acting injectable sedative however, its onset of action can vary between 5 - 60 minutes. In addition, it is rapidly metabolized, and second doses are required in 40-60% of cases.   


Lorazepam is the preferred benzodiazepine for the treatment for acute agitation and aggression. While it’s onset of action is predictable, yet slow. It can take up to 30-40 minutes to start working and its longer duration of action 6-8 hours means patients often cannot be re-evaluated in a timely manner. 

The anti-psychotic haloperidol is also used alone or in combination with lorazepam.  Haloperidol's onset of sedation is similar to lorazepam's.  When the combination with lorazepam is used, the onset of sedation is not significantly improved.  

Medical Specialists
Proviza®  Delivers Fast Sedation and Predictable Outcomes

When surveyed, emergency physicians stated that rapid onset of action and safety are the largest unmet needs for sedatives in emergency setting.


Sollievo’s benzodiazepine pro-drug, Avizafone, has demonstrated a 70% faster time to peak concentration than the leading sedative, lorazepam. With a 2-3-hour duration of action, Proviza offers fast sedation and predictable performance. Sollievo's proprietary formulation is key to Proviza’s consistent absorption from the injection site.

Physician Preference for Proviza

When presented with the pro-drug’s product profile, 76% of emergency physicians state that they would prescribe the  Proviza  when as soon as available. They estimate they would prescribe Proviza for acute agitation and aggression 60% of the time compared to 26% for lorazepam.

Image by Jonathan Borba
Medical Team

Fast and predictable sedation can improve safety for healthcare workers and the patients they serve.  Sollievo’s Proviza is the first major innovation in intramuscular injectable benzodiazepines in over 30 years. It’s time to improve safety; it’s time to make a change.


Contains a new drug for investigational use only

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